Last Updated: 01/07/2022 - 11:45

What Can Be Customized

Out of the box, we provide a number ways to change styles and colors to best fit a department or center's needs.

Utility Bar

utility bar web theme

The Utility bar background color can be changed to a predefined subset of colors form the UC Santa Barbara digital color palette which include navy, gold, sea green, aqua, moss, and coral.

Reference: Admin > Content > Site Settings > Utility bar color

Give Link

You have options to show/hide it in the Utility Bar and also to change the link text. An external or internal using absolute path (full URL starting with http) link is supported.

Reference: Admin > Content > Site Settings > Give link

Quick Links

Edit and add custom links to the Quick Links menu dropdown. We recommend no more than 6 menu links. Presently, the name of this menu as well as the label "Information For:" are not editable.

Reference: Admin > Structure > Menus > Quick links

Wordmark Lock-Ups

The wordmark lock-up files (svg format) are provided by our office at no cost and include 3 different versions depending on the type of site. Use of unofficial or custom-designed logos in the header of UCSB websites is prohibited.

one-line lockup example

1 line lock-up

one line lockup example

2 line lock-up

two-line lockup example

3 line lock-up

Reference: Admin > Content > Site Settings > Wordmark Lock-Up (upload file and select the size from the dropdown)

Main Navigation Content

main menu web theme

The Web Theme supports up to two levels of menus that exist within the Primary navigation, or Main Menu Navigation. The second level links will appear upon clicks on the main menu instead of hover, which follows accessibility best practice.

Reference: Admin > Structure > Menus > Main navigation

Hero Overlay

With the hero image section comes a number of customizable fields. We encourage site owners to use overly information to boost a call to action, give a page a subtitle, or just a brief synopsis of that page's content.

  • Overlay Image or Video
  • Overlay Text
  • Overlay Width
  • Overlay Background Color
  • Overlay Position (4 available locations)

Read more about how to set a Hero Overlay


In the footer area, you can customize contact info (the site name is configured at Admin > Basic Site Settings > Site Name), social media links, and add columns of internal or external links. If the links entered in the footer are external, an external 'offsite' icon will appear automatically. 

Reference: Admin > Content > Site Settings > Footer