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Websites are one of our most visible and versatile communications mediums. A website can shape first impressions among new users, and strengthen relationships with repeat users. To maximize its impact, a website should be equipped with tools that simplify content management for administrators and enhance the experience for end users. That's where the UCSB Web Theme comes in.

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ucsb timekeeping site sample

Electronic Timekeeping


university center front page website sample

University Center


  • Security Update

Changelog #9

Drupal core uses the third-party CKEditor library. This library has an error in parsing HTML that could lead to an XSS attack. CKEditor 4.16.1 and later include the fix.
  • Security Update

Changelog #8

Moderately critical security patch is now available for the Drupal module Ctools
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“Great user support from the Web Theme team. All the pre-defined font and color styles made the build easy. Having the example site with various layout treatments made it easy to conceptualize different layout options for the content of the site. ”

— Shane Greene