Open Office Hours

Day: Wednesdays
Time: 10am
Access: See events at bottom of page

Make sure to mark your calendar for OPAC Office Hours. These weekly sessions will be open for any web theme user with any role to inquire about more specific support needs. We’re online for a full 60 minutes, so please feel free to jump in at anytime!

Web Theme Google Room

Chat directly with other Web Theme site owners and content editors.  

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UIC Roundtables

The Web Services team hosts quarterly meetings where we aim to explore features of the Web Theme in more depth.  Open to all members of campus. 

Consultation Services


Social Media Consultation

Looking to develop or enhance the social media presence of your area of campus? Finding the right approach takes time, energy, and careful evaluation. Our social media team can answer questions, provide guidance, and help you create a strategy that focuses on tailoring content and building engagement.


Email Marketing Consultation

Branded email templates are available. These help to facilitate recognition as an official UC Santa Barbara communication, building familiarity and trust over the long-term. Strategy and best practice support is also available, and for those using the Emma email marketing platform, support is available for account set-up and loading templates into your account.


Branding / Design Consultation

Graphic design is an essential tool for communicating the UC Santa Barbara story visually in a unique and cohesive way. We offer a number of branded templates for standard communications, but sometimes there's a need for more than a template. Let us help to ensure your designs, from print to web, look their best and are consistent with the UC Santa Barbara brand guidelines.


Video Production and Editing Consultation

Used widely across multiple platforms, video increases both exposure and engagement. With our library of footage, branded graphics, and a toolkit of best practices, we can help you convey your message in a way that’s as dynamic as UC Santa Barbara itself.


UIC Crash Course

Welcome to the team! As a site owner / user in charge, you are granted with special roles and permissions on Pantheon platform. This Crash Course will cover the basic UIC tasks - accessing the site Dashboard, managing user roles, deploying updates from Custom Upstream, and working in Dev/Test/Live environments.


Demo Request

Not sure if UCSB Web Theme is the right choice for your next website project? Seeing is believing! Schedule a live demo and get answers to your unique questions and find out how UCSB Web Theme can help achieve your organizational goals.

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