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Get Started Guide

Using the Web Theme requires no prior web or technical experience to build a site. There are currently 150+ campus sites using the Web Theme as the common framework. Many of these sites were built by marketing and communication teams as well as developers and designers around campus. 

What is the UCSB Web Theme?

The UCSB Web Theme is an out-of-the-box website-building solution that is currently administered through Pantheon's WebOps Platform. Together, the web theme and Pantheon offer a dynamic web solution for university websites: hosting, security, technical support, branded templates, best-in-class user experience, and continuous enhancement.  The web theme is currently available for Drupal 10. It is intended to create a more positive experience for visitors to UC Santa Barbara websites, while also reducing the amount of time and money required of internal resources to build a new website or to redesign an existing one. Colleges, academic departments, research centers and units, as well as administrative areas are invited to explore the possibilities. Check out the UCSB Web Theme preview site and read more below.


  • Turnkey site set-up
  • Pre-built page layouts to help you get started
  • Modular design tools to build new page layouts
  • Adheres to UC Santa Barbara brand standards, including web fonts, at no cost to your area
  • Cloud-hosting with dependable security
  • Meets WCAG requirements and accessibility standards

Administrative Benefits

  • Free to use on UC Santa Barbara's Pantheon account
  • Reduce the time and budget required for website builds and redesigns
  • Publish content right away
  • Collaborate with fellow web theme users to share tips & best practices
  • Gain peace-of-mind with Pantheon's hosting & security features
  • Integrate web theme enhancements as they're rolled out

End-User Benefits

  • Easy-to-use websites with consistent navigational elements
  • Instant brand recognition via prominent wordmark lock-up placement
  • Trusted and familiar look & feel that is in alignment with the university's visual identity standards
  • Engaging experience fostered by bold imagery, larger text, and ample white space 
  • Content that is accessible and can be viewed from any device

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env site

The guidelines featured on this website represent a subset of the official UC Santa Barbara Identity Guidelines. Download the full set of guidelines for access to additional resources, best practice application examples, and more.