The UCSB Web Theme continues to support new and existing sites with routine updates.  Our roadmap is the place to discover new features in the works as well as known bugs we aim to address. Got an idea you would like see implemented? Discover a bug somewhere on the site? Let us know below!


Every update to the UCSB Web Theme will be collected in our Changelog, a blog feature on this site that captures the detailed changes and features introduced.

Archived changes are preserved for developers to reference. 

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Future Release Plan

We are asking all Web Theme managers to migrate to Drupal 9 by the fall quarter in '22. Meanwhile, we continue to work with our collaborators to roll out new front-end layout options like a photo gallery. Some additional features we are working on include:

  • UI improvements for the content editor experience. 
  • Better organization of video content and media files.
  • More options for larger sites with more than 2 levels of navigation.

Report a bug

With your input we can help.

For developers, please utilize our repository's Issue Queue on GitHub
Provide as much detail as possible in order for the bug to be replicated.

For content editors, please send us an email and include any details and screenshots of the issue you have found.