Thank you for your interest in collaborating with us. We like to hear from site administrators, developers, or anyone on campus who engages with UCSB Web Theme sites. Got ideas to make the Web Theme even better? Let us know!

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Join our Github Repo for access to custom upstream push notifications and issue reporting.

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Steps to Collaborate on GH

  1. Create a GH account and become a member of the UCSB Org. by verifying your campus affiliation
  2. Review the Issues Queue. If you do not find a match, make a new issue.
  3. Use the proper Issue tags to identify the issue.
  4. If you'd like to resolve an issue, assign it to yourself and fork the repo, making sure the site is fully updated.
  5. Once the issue is resolved, push up to the repo and create a Pull Request.
  6. In GH, change the status of the issue to "Ready for Review".
  7. Web Theme Admins will review the changes, perform QA, and push to all Web Theme sites.

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Web Standards Group


Introduced in 2006, the WSG is a task force made up of web professionals from across the UCSB campus.

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For content editors, feel free to email us with a detailed write-up of any issues found. Please include any screenshots to help us replicate the issue.

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